Sunday, August 5, 2012

Soaping ... Lavender

Hey everyone.

It has been a long and I do mean loooonnnnngggg time since I have blogged. I promise beginning next month I will post at least monthly. I hope all is well with everyone. Get ready for the fall launch. I'm so excited. :) I am testing a few scents but have my Fall line together.

On another note.... I wanted to show pics for a lavender soap batch that I made for my mother's meet up with her friends.  I also wanted to let you all know that you can take neat photos on your cell phones/other devices if you do not feel that you have a "photographer's" camera lol...check out the next post for more.

Happy soaping :)

and I do mean PLEASE do not copy/post these photos without my consent/permission.

I've "been away" for too long so I am uploading photos from beginning to the end.

I put color with the oil 1st then blended in case my fragrance blend causes my soap to trace quickly.
 *do not try this if you do not know how to guage if/when your oil/lye solution is properly mixed.

Adding the lye solution

Mixing the lye/oil
*notice how the color changes from glossy glob to opaque

Lye & oil are almost combined notice the swirl

Adding fragrance oil (f/o)

Mixing f/o with soap acceleration...yet
 (I blended this one and of course it was a larger batch lol)...

No issues. Poured soap into 2 molds and added lavender to the top. Thought I'd keep this simple/rustic once cut.

Used flash on cell phone to highlight the soap loaf. It looks like this will be a nice/creamy soap batch.

The other loaf/another angle.
*Play with your phone/camera/gadget settings until you have the picture that works for you. I did not worry about lighting with this - just put the setting on flash.

See what I mean...Up close and personal :)

Cut bars of soap

Stamped bars 

Stamped with tags

The end...Bagged and ready to go

Thanks for your patience if you have checked the site. I promise I will have more to the way...I will have a lavender series on sale this Fall/Winter :)

Have a great week.

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