Wednesday, June 22, 2011 has been a while

i can't believe it - June is almost over....

i have been busy, but plan to become a better blogger - give me a month or two/before the beginning of October/nba season for sure ( at least i'm being honest )...

i am almost finished with the product line and will be ready for online sales soon.
i hope you all are having a good summer so far. i uploaded a video on youtube of a soap i made for a friend (cool cit basil). i was not happy with the overall look and scent so i decided to redo the soap. i am uploading the video of that soap soon and thought it would be interesting to upload a few photos of the soap.

soap in the mold
*you can't see the silver mica in the green/orange but it is there...

soap out of the mold
*bottom of the soap loaf - this did go through a gel phase

cut bars

i wanted to keep these bars simple but add a bit of color and texture throughout the soap. you cannot see it, but there are layers of colored soap throughout this in addition to the swirl. i cut these by hand instead of using a soap cutter to give it a market/rustic feel, and because this is a combination of cold process/melt & pour soap.

- moya