Monday, August 20, 2012

" Cell IT"....Sale it...SOLD

Fall is approaching. I cannot believe it. I ordered a few molds from Soap Hutch and expect that they will be ready within the next 1-2 weeks. I am so excited, and cannot wait to get soap into those molds. I wanted to post a few photos of a soap I made last year (lemon/desert/yummy/you name it - this blend has it)...

The scent did not meet my standards as far as "sticking" - holding up long and strong enough for me in a cold process (cp) soap, so I will use it in other products - will be available soon.

Although the fragrance/scent/(fo) is a (cp) fail - I thought I'd show a few photos that I took with my cell phone to inspire everyone to create with what you have.

I do have a camera, and will later post photos that I take with the camera.

Today's theme is "cell it"... later soapers ;)

Please do not use images without my consent.

 I hope you enjoy these.

on the counter...just poured into mold

I like to take photos at different angles...

 time to add poppy seeds (I was sooo hungry when I soaped this)

 another angle shot

I just "flashed" my soap...looking at how the contrast between the colors work with the seeds added

another close up with the same setting for my cell phone background

No flash - just natural light, but there is "focus" on the center of the soap

up close - need to see those groves and waves

up top - same setting but I am missing "flair" - no glitter on this one....

Hollywood it. I may use this effect in part of a banner
(it is one of my favorite settings for this soap)

workin' it from another angle

just a little closer than the last pick - not afraid to get "close" - then I may zoom out

changed the angle of the phone to get a close up of the peak/texture

another banner pick - I think light against it

I wanted a shot that reminded me of it!

playing with flash and shading again

 wanted to focus on the seeds

pulling out more "yellow"

same effect

this looks so creamy like icing/pudding

a few other favorites

natural color of soap with flash

no flash (reminds me of how the colors appear before & after gel phase)

soap is actually going through the gel

plain Jane

Jane's close up 

oh, just one more close up...who doesn't love soap?!

one of my favorites... 

 will put this on print...this is actually what I wanted to capture on camera. 
it reflects the actual name of my soap/scent:
Lemon Cream Supreme

There were so many photos to choose from. When I make soap/products I have to be in a "zone". I am a huge tester. I have worked on some blends/recipes/looks for the last 3 years. I have an idea, and have to "run" with it. I hope my customers will feel and enjoy my effort/work :). I usually listen to music while working. Play with your settings, use your imagination, don't be afraid to play with your devices to "cell it", and remember to have fun.

until next time...  - m. alán

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