Saturday, April 2, 2011

Earthy Soap ...

Hope you have a great weekend. I am experimenting with fragrances for my products.

I decided to make a nice earthy looking bar that lightly exfoliates.

I am deciding on the name of the soap, but wanted to show this because it will make a nice dark bar.

The scent is a nice eastern spice/wood blend. It has a nice powder/sweetness that makes this a unisex bar - although I feel it is more of a masculine scent.

Check it the soap that is not white/black will turn a light-medium shade of brown. The specs are ground vanilla beans.

the bottom/side of the soap loaf

Cut bar of soap

Side view of the bar * i wanted to give another view of the swirl effect

This is the soap in the mold after I poured it, I was not going for a perfect swirl. I wanted to see if I could stick with my original plan - of course I did not, and here is the result.

I do need to buy a camera for this. Until then... I will stick with the convenience of uploading & taking photos with my phone.

What are your favorite scents/scents to work with?

- Moya