Thursday, March 17, 2011

welcome...what are you doing...

Welcome all!

Introducing myself and the company M. Alán.
I am a happy soaper. I love to create products that condition and soothe skin.

How long have I soaped? Since Fall 2009
How long has the company existed? Technically Feb 2011, but...
In my mind - since 2009 or since birth since the company is my 1st initial and middle name ....

Pronounced  "M . A - Lawn"
That is the easiest way to pronounce my middle name without me saying it... :)

Now the interesting part/work...

What next...
I am
working on the perfect scents (male/female/unisex/food/floral/clean.blah, blah, blah)
working on the perfect logo and web page design (if you're spending money for my products it should look great right?!?)

Once I have the products in line for Spring/Summer I will have an official post/announcement for the website

Who am I? Moya 

My company? M. Alán

What am I about? Love Peace Success Happiness

What am I listening to while working on the business? marsha ambrosius (go g i r l !)

I'll have photos/experiences for you all, but thought I'd start with a simple introduction

- Moya